Welcome to Walter's322, where passion meets flavor in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our story began in Denver, Colorado with a dedication to creating exceptional handmade pizzas and a curated craft beer taplist second to none. Our love of music, friendship, and community is exemplified in our ALWAYS FUNKY, NEVER DULL vibe.  Our Culinary Excellence At Walter's322, we take pride in our handcrafted approach to every dish. From our mouthwatering handmade pizzas and pasta to our oven-toasted sandwiches bursting with flavor, each creation is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste. Wings Worth Celebrating Prepare your taste buds for a journey through flavor with our award-winning wings. Every bite is a testament to our dedication to perfecting this classic favorite. Salads That Satisfy Experience a burst of freshness with our thoughtfully curated salads, prepared with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. From crisp greens to vibrant dressings, our salads are a celebration of nature's bounty. Pizzeria Classics Reimagined Indulge in the classics that have made pizzerias beloved across generations. Our selection of traditional favorites promises a familiar yet unforgettable dining experience. A Culinary Haven with a View Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, our restaurant offers more than just delectable dishes. Enjoy your meal in our warm, inviting ambiance, complete with breathtaking views that elevate your dining experience. Raise a Glass to Good Times Our full bar boasts an extensive selection of premium wines, spirits, and craft beers. Whether you're savoring a vintage wine or exploring our curated craft beer selection, we've got the perfect pairing for your meal. Our Commitment to You At Walter's322, we believe in creating more than just a meal; we aim to craft an experience that leaves you with cherished memories. Our attentive staff and warm, welcoming atmosphere are here to ensure your visit is nothing short of exceptional. Thank you for visiting Walter's322. We can't wait to share our passion for great food and unforgettable moments with you.